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Is your sex life in a rut?

 Does your partner complain about the lack of sex and intimacy? 

Do you notice that you start to feel anxious about your partner's advances? 

Does talking about sex lead to more conflict?


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Are desire differences or low libido ruining your relationship? Bring yourself back to a time when you enjoyed sex and enjoyed being touched by your partner

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I'm a board certified sexologist and PhD candidate in clinical sexology with an emphasis in hypnosis which gives me a unique approach to working with sexual dysfunction. My research has been focused on desire differences and satisfaction in couples. I have advanced training in relationships by Internationally recognized therapist Terry Real. I am a crusader of healthy happy relationships which include a satisfying sex life. I'm on a mission to help as many people as I can have their best sex life. 


I'm Jessica.

Crusader of healthy, happy relationships and satisfying sex

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