Tune up intimacy and rev up your sex life

21 Day Intimacy Fix

Transform your life between the sheets without leaving your bedroom

Powerful lessons that blend cutting edge research with real life integration lessons designed to spark up your intimacy and unlock your most connected relationship!  

Easy-to-follow audio exercises that will help you and your partner increase communication about sex and intimacy.  

Personalized touchpoint midway to assess your progress and curated information to propel your intimacy transformation

Practical tips for typical roadblocks-kids, mindset blocks, money restraints, a fricken pandemic, and more. 

Super discounted maintenance plan after completion of the the 21 day Intimacy Fix to sustain and improve upon your progress.

For 21 days you’ll get an email every day that includes ONE of the following:

The 21 day intimacy fix is a self-study virtual training program that blends cutting edge psychology with proven intimacy and communication exercises – all designed to tune up your intimacy and rev up your sex life.

Learn how to communicate with your partner about your sexual needs and desires. Communication is the foundation to a healthy sex life


There are 9 types of intimacy. When our other needs of intimacy are not fulfilled it's often difficult to be sexually intimate.

Within this program we will learn about desire types and how to increase desire.

Its important to assess what the barriers are to intimacy and how to deal with them to have lasting transformation.





what if you could renew your relationship 

in 21 days?

Learning how to communicate about sex and desire.

Letting go of anxiety about intimacy.

Moving from unhappy and disconnected to connected and loving.

my clients are:

You are ready to get back to 
the relationship you used to have. 

You're ready to OWN your own power.

You are ready to find loving and healthy relationships.

You want the life you've chosen, instead of the one others chose for you. 


Who You Are...

the relationship and sex life
 you've been

You deserve to have


"Jessica has such a passion for helping women live their best lives."

“Jessica has such a passion for helping women live their best lives. She pairs her extensive professional knowledge as a therapist with her down-to-earth, real-life experiences to provide women a place where women can truly be themselves and find the support they are looking for as they navigate a life post-divorce.”

Marissa L.

"STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING, and book Jessica for a call now! You won't regret it!"

Jessica is knowledgeable, supportive, and an invaluable resource! Such a great asset for those going through a divorce and maneuvering through all that it entails.

Rachel K.

"I was able to recover from an unhealthy relationship and be a grandma"

I was suffering from depression and had seen other therapist but nothing helped. Doctors didn't know what was wrong with me. Working with Jessica helped me heal from my past and address issues in my relationship that I was hiding from. My daughter was having a baby but I wasn't able to show up for her. After my work I was able to enjoy my granddaughter!


"I spent over $100,000 after my divorce on crap. Jessica helped me to heal and stop spending money"

I wasted over $100,000 on frivolous crap after my divorce. I was trying to fill myself up with things and avoided the healing I needed. With Jessica's help I was able to forgive myself for wasting the money and we made a plan for spending that helped me live within my means. 

Amber s. 

"I found Jessica after seeing an article she wrote on insider about unhealthy relationships."

I found Jessica after an article she published about unhealthy relationships. I realized my husband was abusing me which helped me to leave him. It was important to me to provide a healthy life for my daughter. Jessica gave me permission to leave which also gave me permission. 

kayla r.

"I never thought I would recover from my husband cheating on me, let along get remarried."

"I found love again after my husband left me because he was having an affair.  I worked hard and started my own business. Two years after my divorce I am coparenting with my ex and married the man of my dreams. I learned to trust again and let go of what I didn't meed to hang on to anymore." 


About Me

I'm a board certified sexologist and PhD candidate in clinical sexology with an emphasis in hypnosis which gives me a unique approach to working with sexual dysfunction. My research has been focused on desire differences and satisfaction in couples. I have advanced training in relationships by Internationally recognized therapist Terry Real. I am a crusader of healthy happy relationships which include a satisfying sex life. I'm on a mission to help as many people as I can have their best sex life. 


I'm Jessica.

Crusader of healthy, happy relationships and satisfying sex

get ready to have the best sex of your life

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